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SpiderDad Fundraising Campaign – Update

SpiderDad Fundraising Campaign has been running for just of a month. Raising money for Naomi House, and the support has been incredible. With money being donated through the Just Giving page, Text Service and the sales of wristbands, all in aid of the SpiderDad Fundraising Campaign. The general public are hearing about the campaign through many social media websites. Creating Just Giving pages in memory of Jayden. The Hope From Jayden campaign is developing really well, with some donations as large as £1000 from the Star Wars UK Garrison and £2600 from Truline.

Star Wars UK Garisson, SpiderDad Fundraising CampaignNaomi House, Fundraising, Hope From Jayden, SpiderDad Fundraising Campaign

Jayden met the UK Garrison 501st Legion Star Wars team very early in Jayden’s diagnoses. They’re a non profit organization that raises money for charities by attending hundreds of events every year across the country. The Hope From Jayden Campaign was nominated by Graeme Clark (one of their members) to receive a donation from their Member Charity fund. We are so grateful for this donation, which will go towards the Kilimanjaro Fundraising Trek in September.

A week later, we received an email from Naomi House. They collected a donation from one of their supporters called Truline, who heard about the campaign. They requested the donation to go towards the Kilimanjaro Trek, which was very heart warming to hear. With an incredible donation of £2,600. Simply an amazing amount of money.

The wristbands have also done amazingly well. With Toys R Us requesting more bands and Asda nearly selling out. All of the money going straight to Naomi House  for the Kilimanjaro Trek. Once we’ve collected all the donation pots, we will announce a total of how much the wristbands have made.

We would like to continue thanking each and every one of you for supporting the SpiderDad Fundraising Campaign. Just over a month into the campaign and we are doing amazingly well. Its all down to YOU for contributing. Please keep sharing the cause and help us raise as much money as possible for Naomi House. If you would like to donate, there are a few options to chose from.

Thanks for all you support for the SpiderDad Fundraising Campaign.