Real Life Captain America Civil War at Toys R Us

Captain America Civil War. Who’s side are you on?

So what did you think about the Captain America Civil War film? Pretty good right? Well already there’s a video on YouTube, which shows tribute to the Marvel movie, called Civil War Avengers R Us. Created by myself, a YouTuber named Spiderman Effects UK.

Filmed entirely in a local Toys R Us store with several Avengers and a film crew. I set out to create a realistic piece of video content, with green screens, wire rigging, the works.

Toys R US - Captain America Civil War real life

There was no major story line to this video, other than to have fun and create some cool and unique content. SpiderDad had a few friends to help from up north in Newcastle, UK called the North East Avengers. My whole objective with everything i create is to attempt to make things look as realistic as possible with the skills that I’ve learnt. So to have characters with incredible replica costumes was always going to be half the battle. The visual effects was the icing on the cake. So to have the Captain America Civil War  superheroes, like Ironman, Captain America, Black Widow and the Winter Soldier on board, we was already on our way to creating something entertaining.

The local Toys R Us store in Basingstoke, UK, have been an incredibly supportive of the Hope From Jayden Campaign, with the store manager welcoming us in, to use the store and create this little tribute to the film.

The short Captain America Civil War video can be watched below. Do give it a thumbs up if you liked it and a share if you think your friends would enjoy it too.

What superhero videos would you like to see from Spiderman Effects UK? Who is your favorite Captain America Civil War character? Leave a comment on the video via YouTube, and i shall keep this in the pile of video to create. Also subscribe for regular content every Friday.

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