Hire Spiderman, Personalized SpiderMan Message for Superhero Fans

Personalized SpiderMan Message for Superhero Fans

Do you have or know someone with kids that loves SpiderMan? Have a Personalized SpiderMan Message.

Personalized SpiderMan Message
Maybe a birthday is coming up? Or a special event? Or maybe someone needs cheering up? SpiderDad is offering you a unique Personalized SpiderMan Message for someone special. The message can be about anything you like, including:

Special Events
Happy birthday greetings
Royal Party/Event Invitations
First day of school video
Congratulations for Reaching a growth Milestone (loosing a tooth, riding a bike)
Holiday greetings
Merry Christmas video
New Years video
Valentine’s Day
Last day of school video
Ready for summer

Congratulations on new siblings
New family member
Wedding greetings

You write your own script and email it to me, and have your favorite character read it! I can even create a complete bespoke video message specific to your event or occasion. Email for details and price.

50% of this goes straight to Naomi House Hospice where my 5yr old son Jayden was cared for before he sadly passed away over Christmas.

Fund Raising for Naomi House – https://www.naomihouse.org.uk/

Want to see what your Personalized SpiderMan Message might look like? Check out the video below. If you think this service would be useful to you , drop me an email or use the Contact page to see how i can help. Fantastic gift for a child who loves their superheros, but more importantly to put smiles on their little faces. Nothing is more rewarding than feeling like your making someones day.