kilimanjaro, a brothers journey


Myself aka SpiderDad, along with my brothers Dave, Andrew and Will, took on the challenge of reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro. To raise money and awareness for Naomi House Children’s Hospice. A charity who care and support patients with life limiting or life threatening conditions. But they go beyond this. They also provide the ongoing support, which the families and siblings need, to come to terms with a loss or condition.

kilimanjaro, a brothers journey

For us, this documentary is is not only to show what Kilimanjaro is really like. But to get a very small understanding of how strong children are, when they fight big battles such as cancer or brain tumors. Children are amazingly strong and unless you are unfortunate enough to be in that situation, will never fully understand. Kilimanjaro was tough. But no ware near as tough as children going through battles like cancer.

The short documentary is also a fundraising avenue. All you need to do is watch like and share to as many people as possible. The more views this video gets. The more money raised for charity. Its that simple. My channel is partnered with YouTube meaning the funds are generated from advertising. Please watch the video below  and share around the world.

You can help by donating here, or watching the entire journey below: