Hope From Jayden Campaign – Update April 2015

Hope From Jayden Campaign – Update April 2015

The last month has been extremely busy with the Hope From Jayden Campaign. With donation coming in all different sizes. The amount of support has been incredible and we shall continue to make Jayden proud of his family, as well as all his amazing supporters.

Firstly, I want to say a massive thank you to Junkin Media, who donated all the profits they made with The Amazing SpiderDad video. The video went viral in November last year, reaching over 10 millions views. A total of $2062 was donated straight to the Hope From Jayden Campaign, and we are extremely grateful for this kind gesture. Not only have they donated, but Junkin Media will be offering to help promote the fundraising campaign in the coming months, and raising awareness of the amazing charity. So far the Hope From Jayden Campaign has raised approx. £9,000.

On the 28th march at Reading Broad Street Mall, I was invited by a team of fund raisers to attempt a World Record Rowing Challenge. Mike joined forces with Paul Smith and Dave Holby-Wolinski to break three world records and one British record all within 32 hours, non-stop. Starting at 8am and finishing at 4pm the following day, this was not going to be an easy task. But with the help and support of the general public throughout the day, it made the experience so much easier. Not only was I part of the team, but so was SpiderDad. Jayden’s own super hero, took part in the challenge attracting all the children walking by. All of which could not resist having a photo with the amazing Spider-Man.

SpiderDad Fund Raising for the Hope From Jayden Campaign once again.

SpiderDad World Record Rowing Attempt, Hope From Jayden Campaign, SpiderDad

Rowing all the way through the night was by far our toughest section of the challenge. With numb bottoms, achy backs, and tiredness kicking in, it really was taking it’s toll on the team. All i could think about was battling through, knowing this was contributing to the Hope From Jayden Campaign. As soon as we saw the sunrise begin to appear, we new we had made it through the night shift, and we was on our way to the finish. We raised £700 that weekend and collected loads of Easter Eggs, in preparation for the Easter Egg Hunt at HighClere Castle this weekend. More details about the Events Naomi House have scheduled can be found HERE.

The Hope From Jayden wrist bands have also done incredibly well, with only a few hundred left available online. One hundred percent of the funds go straight to the charity. If you have not had chance to grab one, please check out the Fund Raising Page.

Hope From Jayden Campaign, SpiderDad, SpiderMan

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  • Praveen

    February 21, 2016

    Katie, Mitchell, and Family,We are so sorry to hear of your loss of sweet Jayden. That little guy was so mssied in heaven that they wanted him to come home. I am sure Jayden felt loved and cherished in his short journey on earth. Please know our love, thoughts, and prayers are with you. We hope you are blessed with peace and comfort at this time.Love,Gene and Karen Phillips Gene and Karen Phillips

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