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Hope From Jayden Wristbands NOW AVAILABLE Online

After posting on the Hope For Jayden page last week, researching who might be interested in new Hope From Jayden Wristbands with 100% of the funds being donated directly to Naomi House. We now have them available to buy online. In Spider-Man colors too.

Hope From Jayden Wristbands, SpiderdadWe also would like to thank Toys R Us, Asda and Balloons 4 U in Basingstoke, who are willing to help distribute the Hope from Jayden wristbands, which will be available in the next day or so. Find your way to their customer service desk or cashier tills to grab yourself one.

Purchasing online is very easy. All payments are made through Paypal using any debit or credit card. You don’t even need a Paypal account to pay. All your required to do is choose where in the world you are, either UK or Rest of the World. If you require more than 1 wristband, simply amend the quantity in the box provided. If you would like to order a wristband online, please go to the Fundraising Page.

Fully complete your delivery address and you will have the wrist band sent via Royal Mail in the next few days. Delivery to the Rest of the World will be approx 5-7 working days, possibly sooner.

The previous wrist bands were extremely popular, selling thousands, and we have our fingers crossed the Hope From Jayden Wristbands will give the same response, especially as its for a good cause. At the time when we first got them, Jayden loved seeing his name on peoples wrists. His face lit up with joy. This is what we hope to achieve with these bands. Not only to share a little boys brave battle against a brain tumour. But a reminder of how important facilities like Naomi House are.

FundRaising SpiderDad

Spider-Man Toy challenges Kilimanjaro Climb

Mount Kilimanjaro is the worlds highest free standing mountain covering an incredible 19,341 feet, and we plan to climb it. Mike aka Spiderdad, and Jayden’s Uncle’s have compiled a joint sponsorship, to fundraising as much money as possible for Naomi House. This charity supported and helped care for Jayden towards the end, as well as offer extended family support.

The Kilimanjaro climb is a world wide known challenge, with a large majority of people trekking the mountain to fund raise for their chosen charity. Our Challenge is going to be over a course of 11 days, to ensure we acclimatize as safely as possible. But this event is going to include a special something on this adventure, which Jayden loved. His favorite cuddly Spider-Man toy.

Spider-Man cuddly toy, Kilimanjaro ClimbNothing inspired us more than to see how brave Jayden was. This challenge will hopefully give us a little glimpse of how brave and courageous, our little fighter was. With the full support of Naomi House, we hope to raise a total of £14,400 to meet the total amount required with four fundraiser’s. We have plenty of time to make hit the target, however we need your help to get us there. By taking the Spider-Man toy with him, its going to feel like Jayden is coming with us. It becomes a reminder of how brave his was, giving us the motivation to make it to the summit. The average successful rate of ascents to the peak of the mountain is only 45%. So the odds are against us, however we fully intend to make Jayden proud. The Kilimanjaro climb, requires a good level of fitness to fully enjoy the experience. So of course we are stepping up our fitness to be able to cope with the trek.

Once we hit the top of the Kilimanjaro climb we plan to take a few photo’s with the Spidey toy, and hopefully record a short video from myself,and Jayden’s uncles at the summit, sharing our success with all of Jayden’s followers. Then hopefully upload the video to the Hope For Jayden Page. We will be documenting the entire challenge, keeping that same attitude of creating the most amazing memories along the way. When Jayden died, i promised him i would live his life along side my own. Experiencing things he might like, and living it the best i could.

Raising this amount of money will make such a big difference to Naomi House with new equipment, ensure the facility continues to running smoothly, but ultimately to give future support and help to families for many years to come.

If you would like to help us make the Kilimanjaro Climb happen, please donate as much or as little as you can. Its all gratefully received. You can donate online using the following Just Giving page – https://www.justgiving.com/HopeFromJayden or, you can Text HFJA99 £’amount‘ to 70070 (e.g HFJA99 £5)

Kilimanjaro Climb, SpiderDad

BBC South Today supporting SpiderDads Fund Raiser

BBC South Today supporting SpiderDads Fund Raiser Campaign

The fund raising campaign started in style this week, with interviews by Andrew Peace on the BBC Radio Berkshire breakfast show. Followed by BBC South Today supporting SpiderDads fund raiser campaign. The news team have been incredibly supportive over the last few months, featuring and helping our video exploded on the internet, named The Amazing SpiderDad. They posted the video on their own Facebook Page. Amazingly reaching over an incredible 8,000,000 views. If you haven’t see the video, please do have a watch here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLzZlwON9EM

BBC South Today supporting SpiderDads Fund Raiser

We have nothing but respect and thanks to the BBC South Today supporting SpiderDads Fund Raiser, and for featuring our campaign during prime time television. Sally Taylor especially took a real interest in Jayden’s brave and courageous story, before and after the programme, including our journey to help make a difference. We briefly discussed two of our key fund raising events. The Kilimanjaro Trek and also the fan made film, SpiderMan4K, which is due to release in approximately 2-3 months this year.

Before the interview with BBC South Today, I had an in depth Radio interview Andrew Peach at BBC Berkshire. You can watch the full video below.

In this particular interview, I talk about the journey Jayden was going through, and how he inspired me. Amongst all the emotional feelings and stresses the family came up against, with such a horrific condition, I talk about why we are so positive. Including the importance of creating amazing memories as a family. It’s very important to surround yourself with positive people, who are like minded, and passionate about trying to make a difference. Especially in a child’s life. But in this case, with out realizing, Jayden Inspired his own father to create SpiderDad. With the view to making his dream come true, with unlimited access to his most favorite supper hero character.

Hope For Jayden, SpiderDad, Fund Raising, HopeFromJayden

Fundraising – Hope From Jayden Campaign

Since August 2013, Jayden and the family have have been given so much support with fund raising, by all the Hope For Jayden followers around the world, for us to create some amazing memories, to hold on to forever. During this time, we have gone to Disney World Florida, Met All the Marvel Super Hero’s at Universal Studios, Fed and Trained Dolphins, taken Ella and Jayden on Helicopter Rides, Weekend Breaks away, the list is simply endless. All down to the kindness of people from around the world coming together to help an ordinary family, through some difficult times.

Hope For Jayden, SpiderDad, Fund Raising, HopeFromJayden

Jayden was a very Brave and Courageous 5 year old boy, but sadly over Christmas, passed away warm in his bed after a few weeks in Hospital. After announcing the news on our HopeForJayden Facebook page on Boxing Day, there has been nearly 20,000 like and over 2,000 shares, and over 7,000 comments of simply heart warming messages. Simply incredible. After a few weeks of his passing, the family want to give something back to Naomi House who helped give amazing support not only with Jayden, but the family, especially his sister Ella with the charities sibling support.

For more information about the “Hope From Jayden” Fund Raising Campaign, check out the Fund Raising Page which includes everything were planning and a step by step process on setting up a Just Giving fund raiser page. On the 24th December 2015, the aniversary when Jayden came home from Hospital, we hope to announce the total figure the Hope From Jayden Campaign has raised for Naomi House.


Hope From Jayden, FundRaising, Poster, SpiderDad

Spiderman4k, hope for jayden, fund raising, charity, naomi house

SpiderMan 4K – Dedicated Short Film for Jayden and Fund Raiser For Naomi House

For the last few months, I have been preparing and scripting my very own SpiderMan 4K short film production based on the famous super hero, Spider-Man. With the replica suit made for my little boys 5th Birthday, I couldn’t stop there with making more Spidey appearances.Spiderman 4k Being a massive fan myself, and watching all the animated series on the TV after school, became a regular routine for me as a young boy.

“Our objective is simple, the more views we get, the more money raised.”

With the suit looking exactly what i hoped for, I took advantage, and decided to really work hard on making this SpiderMan 4K short film as real and amazing as possible. So i called upon my best friends at 3RUN Media Ltd to help with Story Boarding, Filming, Casting and Visual Effects. Adam Brashaw jumped at the chance to become Director Of Photography, which is perfect on so many levels, with his knowledge of TV, Film as well as a great eye for creativity and continuity.

After preparing the first few scenes, our first shoot day approached. Feeling excited about doing something I’m very passionate about anyway, with film production and creative content, but to be SpiderMan, becomes a different feeling all together. As a Professional Parkour and Free Running Athlete, this web slinging marvel character has always caught my attention, with similar movements. It feels natural to move in similar ways as SpiderMan.

To date, we have already shot the first SpiderMan 4K scenes. Which has gone brilliantly. All we require now is some ADR and some visual effects, in post production, and that scene id finished. We have so much yet to film with green screens and location filming, not to mention post production. We have a very tight schedule, but the passion behind the project is very high within the team.

Spiderman 4k

Because I am partnered with YouTube, and the Channel is Monetized, all the funds earn’t from this video will go toward the fund raising campaign for Naomi House, which was a place Jayden spent some good quality time. Naomi House is a charity run facility for children with needs and with similar conditions to Jayden, giving help and rest bite to parents, as well as offering advice, with helping siblings come to terms with difficult situations at home, as well as educating them to understand the reasons behind these difficult times. Something they have done amazingly well with Jayden’s sister, Ella Wilson. This Short Film will be dedicated to Jayden Wilson, and also to help towards raising funds for the Naomi House Facility. Our objective is simple, the more views we get, the more money raised.

The SpiderMan 4K fan made film will be released in approximately 2 to 3 months. Stay connected via the SpiderDad website, or through Mike’s social media pages. I hope you can join our journey to help fund raise for such an incredible cause.

SpiderDad Xmas Message

SpiderDad Christmas Message for Children

SpiderDad Sends a Christmas Message for Kids

Its that time of year again when many families around the world, prepare for the festive season. Christmas is such a amazing time of year so I thought its a perfect for a SpiderDad Christmas Message video. A perfect opportunity to bring people together and have fun. For kids especially, it’s a time to see what Santa has left them under the Christmas Tree.

SpiderDad Christmas Message

But for some families, it can be very difficult, especially if children are not well, in hospital or battling similar conditions as Jayden. Since Sunday 14th December, Jayden has been in hospital fighting a bad chest infection, coupled with his brain tumor, its really taken it out of him. X-Rays confirmed the infection, and is now being treated with heavy Physiotherapy sessions and Antibiotics. Thankfully, two to three days later, a second X-Ray has shown its massively improved, which is great news.

“I wanted to use the Spider-Man name, to send a special SpiderDad Christmas Message to all the children of the world”

This got me thinking. After the success of The Amazing SpiderDad Video, I wanted to use the SpiderDad name, to send a special message to all the children of the world, and wish them a very Merry Christmas. Kids respond so much better to their favorite characters, so, giving that i have a Spider-Man Suit, this was a perfect opportunity to send a positive message. For a family, spending it in Hospital is something we wouldn’t wish on anyone, and can make it very stressful. So with SpiderDad, I’m using this character to try spread a little happiness and joy to all those in need during the festive time.

SpiderDad Christmas Message

For me its all about the passion. Its not about the views on YouTube, as long as someone smiled when watching this, im happy. When you have been personally effected by an awful situation, to be able to give something back can be very rewarding. This is my way of helping others get through those difficult times. You’ll all be happy to know that i showed my brave little warrior, Jayden, the Spiderman video and he smiled from ear to ear. Mission accomplished.

You can follow Jayden’s battle to fight his Brain Tumor here – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hope-For-Jayden/211736845617084?

SpiderDad, Spiderman, Cancer, Dad Surprises Son, Amazing SpiderDad, Terminal Brain Tumor

Amazing SpiderDad Birthday Surprise Video

Amazing SpiderDad Birthday Surprise Video for a terminally ill 5yr old boy goes viral

When I filmed the Amazing SpiderDad video, I never thought this would go viral as quickly as it did. I uploaded the video to my YouTube Channel, so I could watch it again and again in the future. After clearing out my hard drive, I was never going to delete this memory. So I uploaded it to Youtube. The video can be found below or on my YouTube Channel – http://www.youtube.com/wilsonrunnin

Over night the Amazing SpiderDad video received nearly a thousand views, and by the end of the day it was into the hundreds of thousands. In 2 days, the video received over 1 million views. Myself and the family had such an incredible amount of positive feedback from around the world, telling us how amazing this was and very inspirational. It was overwhelming.
After 1 week, the views had gone over 4 million, and by this time i had done Radio and TV Interviews, explaining what the video was about but more importantly, what the story was behind the video. Please check out the Hope For Jayden page for details on our little fighter battled over 18 months to fight a Terminal Brain Tumour.

I hope to spread the awareness of the condition, which can effect many children. The consultants told us this particular condition, around 300-400 children per year get diagnosed with only 3-5 kids becoming terminal. Unfortunately Jayden falls into this bracket. I fully intend to work closely with charities to help and support fundraising in any way i can, using the SpiderDad figure.

Going through such a massive battle with a child, is something we all wish would never happen. The Amazing SpiderDad was created to bring a smile to a little boys face, and to the extended family. I hope to inspire other parents to do something similar, and bring an element of happiness for those short moments.


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