Real Life Captain America Civil War at Toys R Us

Captain America Civil War. Who’s side are you on?

So what did you think about the Captain America Civil War film? Pretty good right? Well already there’s a video on YouTube, which shows tribute to the Marvel movie, called Civil War Avengers R Us. Created by myself, a YouTuber named Spiderman Effects UK.

Filmed entirely in a local Toys R Us store with several Avengers and a film crew. I set out to create a realistic piece of video content, with green screens, wire rigging, the works.

Toys R US - Captain America Civil War real life

There was no major story line to this video, other than to have fun and create some cool and unique content. SpiderDad had a few friends to help from up north in Newcastle, UK called the North East Avengers. My whole objective with everything i create is to attempt to make things look as realistic as possible with the skills that I’ve learnt. So to have characters with incredible replica costumes was always going to be half the battle. The visual effects was the icing on the cake. So to have the Captain America Civil War  superheroes, like Ironman, Captain America, Black Widow and the Winter Soldier on board, we was already on our way to creating something entertaining.

The local Toys R Us store in Basingstoke, UK, have been an incredibly supportive of the Hope From Jayden Campaign, with the store manager welcoming us in, to use the store and create this little tribute to the film.

The short Captain America Civil War video can be watched below. Do give it a thumbs up if you liked it and a share if you think your friends would enjoy it too.

What superhero videos would you like to see from Spiderman Effects UK? Who is your favorite Captain America Civil War character? Leave a comment on the video via YouTube, and i shall keep this in the pile of video to create. Also subscribe for regular content every Friday.

If you have any questions, a project you need help with, or maybe you want to hire Spider-man, contact me via the contact page.
Until next time 🙂

Spiderman Youtube Channel

The Spider-Man YouTube Channel

Spider-Man YouTube Channel – Effects Series

Mike Wilson aka SpiderDad has set up Spider-Man YouTube Channel where all his tips and tricks will be revealed. Ok maybe not all the trick but some guides on editing, Photoshop and general cool Spidey videos.

The first video has now gone up called ‘Spider-Man Series Ep 1 | Spidey Takes on Marvel Police & Electro’. The idea behind the Spider-Man YouTube Channel is to get the viewers to direct where the series goes. Because this is the perfect way to test and learn new ideas for visual effects. A way of testing my skills. YouTube is a powerful tool.

With the hype of Spider-Man in CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR And also the Reboot. I wanted to create something to help add to the hype. Something fun and hopefully entertaining.

First video embedded right here on the SpiderDad Website.

Subscribe to the Spider-Man YouTube Channel here – SpiderManEffects


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kilimanjaro, a brothers journey


Myself aka SpiderDad, along with my brothers Dave, Andrew and Will, took on the challenge of reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro. To raise money and awareness for Naomi House Children’s Hospice. A charity who care and support patients with life limiting or life threatening conditions. But they go beyond this. They also provide the ongoing support, which the families and siblings need, to come to terms with a loss or condition.

kilimanjaro, a brothers journey

For us, this documentary is is not only to show what Kilimanjaro is really like. But to get a very small understanding of how strong children are, when they fight big battles such as cancer or brain tumors. Children are amazingly strong and unless you are unfortunate enough to be in that situation, will never fully understand. Kilimanjaro was tough. But no ware near as tough as children going through battles like cancer.

The short documentary is also a fundraising avenue. All you need to do is watch like and share to as many people as possible. The more views this video gets. The more money raised for charity. Its that simple. My channel is partnered with YouTube meaning the funds are generated from advertising. Please watch the video below  and share around the world.

You can help by donating here, or watching the entire journey below:

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Personalized SpiderMan Message for Superhero Fans

Do you have or know someone with kids that loves SpiderMan? Have a Personalized SpiderMan Message.

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Maybe a birthday is coming up? Or a special event? Or maybe someone needs cheering up? SpiderDad is offering you a unique Personalized SpiderMan Message for someone special. The message can be about anything you like, including:

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Valentine’s Day
Last day of school video
Ready for summer

Congratulations on new siblings
New family member
Wedding greetings

You write your own script and email it to me, and have your favorite character read it! I can even create a complete bespoke video message specific to your event or occasion. Email for details and price.

50% of this goes straight to Naomi House Hospice where my 5yr old son Jayden was cared for before he sadly passed away over Christmas.

Fund Raising for Naomi House –

Want to see what your Personalized SpiderMan Message might look like? Check out the video below. If you think this service would be useful to you , drop me an email or use the Contact page to see how i can help. Fantastic gift for a child who loves their superheros, but more importantly to put smiles on their little faces. Nothing is more rewarding than feeling like your making someones day.

Amazing SpiderDad Film hoping to raise money for Naomi House

The Amazing SpiderDad Film, hoping to raise money for Naomi House in memory of Jayden. Share the fundraising video.

Mike Wilson is back once again to help their families chosen charity, Naomi House, with the Amazing SpiderDad Film raising awareness and money for their facility. My son, Jayden Wilson was diagnosed in August 2013 with a Grade 4 Brain Stem Tumor, and given 6-12 months to live, and told there was nothing that could be done. He was only 5 years old. A devastating situation for any parents.

I created Facebook Page to record all of Jayden’s pictures and videos. From the beginning we knew that creating as many amazing memories as possible as a family, was the most important task ahead of us. Jayden quickly gathered many followers to his page, which was called – Hope For Jayden, and after a few days the ‘likes’ increased very fast.

“The more views the  Amazing SpiderDad Film gets, the more money raised for Naomi House.”

Amazing SpiderDad FIlm

For Jayden’s 5th birthday, I wanted to create something special for him. He was a massive SpiderMan fan and loved everything about him. Had all the toys, bed covers, pictures in his room, LEGO, anything you could think of. So after seven months of preparation and designing a replica SpiderMan suit with two local costume designers, it was ready. To give Jayden an Amazing SpiderMan birthday surprise. The day was finally here, and you could say I was a little nervous as I wanted this to be as real as possible for Jayden. I set up my Go Pro camera so that it would capture everything. My brother-in-law pressed record while I was on the roof in position, waiting for him to appear at the door. The door open and Jayden steps out, at which point I jumped down from the roof, acting like SpiderMan. His face was a picture. A combination of shock, happiness and joy all mixed into one. I uploaded this video to YouTube so that I could always have a place to go and watch this incredible memory again and again. Overnight it got a few hundred views more than normal, but as the day went on, it simply escalated. It went viral. Today the video has over 10 million views, which is amazing. Never did I expect to get this kind of attention. This video can be seen here:

“Jayden you inspired me to do this, miss you.”
Amazing SpiderDad Film, Disney

This got me thinking.

I wanted to create another video but use this as a way of fundraising through YouTube. I’m fortunate enough to have a channel that is monetized, allowing me to earn some money if the video does well on views and adverts. So I got in touch with my YouTube Partner, Rightster, and they were 100% behind the project. They would even send the funds raised direct to Naomi House. This short film had to be as real as possible for Jayden, as I wanted him to believe every part of it. So I called upon my very good friend Adam Brashaw, who also stunt doubles as Hawkeye in The Avengers, and with his very creative vision we finally came up with a plan for the short film. After many meetings at Costa in Basingstoke, we plotted each of the scenes, right down to the finest details. We both worked great together, and agreed that we needed to really stretch our skills with the Visual Effects and Video Production to make this work. All filmed using the Panasonic GH4 to give that 4K resolution option, mounted on a DJI Ronin Stabilisation Gimbal, DJI Helicam and Go Pro Hero 4. The shots were looking really professional.

I also had incredible support from a Motion Graphics Designer, Andy Greaves of Wonky Eye who edited the Webbing effects and made it look amazing.

Amazing SpiderDad Film, CGI, Visual Effects

The fundraising concept is simple. The more views the Amazing SpiderDad Film gets, the more money raised for Naomi House. I’m donating every single penny this video makes to the charity. All 100% of it, which Rightster will send directly to the charity. Before Jayden died, I intended to give him his very own premiere of the short film, including popcorn, drinks and a few friends round to make it something very special for him. Unfortunately, now this can’t happen, so I have dedicated this to my son Jayden and made this a fundraising opportunity in his memory.

“Please share the Amazing SpiderDad Film to as many people as possibly to make this fundraising opportunity a success”

All you have to do is watch and share the video. If you do, you will be contributing to the fundraising this video is hoping to generate through YouTube views and adverts. Let’s share the Amazing SpiderDad Film to the world!

Many thanks


Super Hero, Spiderdad, Fundraising

Super Heroes Fund Raising for Naomi House

SpiderDad’s Super Heroes were back in action at the weekend with more fund raising in honor of the Hope From Jayden Campaign for Naomi House.

Super Heroes, Spiderdad, Fundraising
The day went perfectly, with the public getting involved from the beginning. Myself and the Area Community and Business Fund Raiser from Naomi House, Jill McDonagh, organized the event, themed around some very well know super heroes. Myself as Jayden’s favorite character, Spiderman, and many of my friends. All of which jumped at the chance to help with the event. Batman, Iron Man, Venom as well as the very popular Disney Characters from Frozen, Elsa, Anna and the very funny Olaf, all making the day a success.

With the continued support from the local press, to share the awareness of Naomi House is growing by the day. But it doesn’t stop there. BBC South Today continue to amaze our family with their willingness to help continue spreading the message. Uploading a video they recorded during the day, to their social media pages. You can watch the video below.


It was a magical moment that soon went viral. Basingstoke’s Mike Wilson dressed up as spiderman to surprise his terminally ill son on his fifth birthday. Jayden has since died – but the epic battle to raise money for children’s hospices goes on. More at

Posted by BBC South Today on Sunday, 17 May 2015


The super heroes entertained the public all day. Having photos with the children and talking to everyone about the charity. But generally having fun putting smiles on peoples faces throughout the day. Everyone could not resist having a selfie with their favorite super heroes, and even posting on their own personal social media pages of what they have just witnessed. The message is quickly spreading with many other events planned very soon. One of which is a SpiderDad short film. Produced, Directed and Edited by Myself and some friends. Dedicated to Jayden with the hope to raise as much money as possible through YouTube monitization.


super heroes, SpiderDad Film

Hope From Jayden Campaign – Update April 2015

Hope From Jayden Campaign – Update April 2015

The last month has been extremely busy with the Hope From Jayden Campaign. With donation coming in all different sizes. The amount of support has been incredible and we shall continue to make Jayden proud of his family, as well as all his amazing supporters.

Firstly, I want to say a massive thank you to Junkin Media, who donated all the profits they made with The Amazing SpiderDad video. The video went viral in November last year, reaching over 10 millions views. A total of $2062 was donated straight to the Hope From Jayden Campaign, and we are extremely grateful for this kind gesture. Not only have they donated, but Junkin Media will be offering to help promote the fundraising campaign in the coming months, and raising awareness of the amazing charity. So far the Hope From Jayden Campaign has raised approx. £9,000.

On the 28th march at Reading Broad Street Mall, I was invited by a team of fund raisers to attempt a World Record Rowing Challenge. Mike joined forces with Paul Smith and Dave Holby-Wolinski to break three world records and one British record all within 32 hours, non-stop. Starting at 8am and finishing at 4pm the following day, this was not going to be an easy task. But with the help and support of the general public throughout the day, it made the experience so much easier. Not only was I part of the team, but so was SpiderDad. Jayden’s own super hero, took part in the challenge attracting all the children walking by. All of which could not resist having a photo with the amazing Spider-Man.

SpiderDad Fund Raising for the Hope From Jayden Campaign once again.

SpiderDad World Record Rowing Attempt, Hope From Jayden Campaign, SpiderDad

Rowing all the way through the night was by far our toughest section of the challenge. With numb bottoms, achy backs, and tiredness kicking in, it really was taking it’s toll on the team. All i could think about was battling through, knowing this was contributing to the Hope From Jayden Campaign. As soon as we saw the sunrise begin to appear, we new we had made it through the night shift, and we was on our way to the finish. We raised £700 that weekend and collected loads of Easter Eggs, in preparation for the Easter Egg Hunt at HighClere Castle this weekend. More details about the Events Naomi House have scheduled can be found HERE.

The Hope From Jayden wrist bands have also done incredibly well, with only a few hundred left available online. One hundred percent of the funds go straight to the charity. If you have not had chance to grab one, please check out the Fund Raising Page.

Hope From Jayden Campaign, SpiderDad, SpiderMan

Naomi House, Fundraising, Hope From Jayden

SpiderDad Fundraising Campaign – Update

SpiderDad Fundraising Campaign has been running for just of a month. Raising money for Naomi House, and the support has been incredible. With money being donated through the Just Giving page, Text Service and the sales of wristbands, all in aid of the SpiderDad Fundraising Campaign. The general public are hearing about the campaign through many social media websites. Creating Just Giving pages in memory of Jayden. The Hope From Jayden campaign is developing really well, with some donations as large as £1000 from the Star Wars UK Garrison and £2600 from Truline.

Star Wars UK Garisson, SpiderDad Fundraising CampaignNaomi House, Fundraising, Hope From Jayden, SpiderDad Fundraising Campaign

Jayden met the UK Garrison 501st Legion Star Wars team very early in Jayden’s diagnoses. They’re a non profit organization that raises money for charities by attending hundreds of events every year across the country. The Hope From Jayden Campaign was nominated by Graeme Clark (one of their members) to receive a donation from their Member Charity fund. We are so grateful for this donation, which will go towards the Kilimanjaro Fundraising Trek in September.

A week later, we received an email from Naomi House. They collected a donation from one of their supporters called Truline, who heard about the campaign. They requested the donation to go towards the Kilimanjaro Trek, which was very heart warming to hear. With an incredible donation of £2,600. Simply an amazing amount of money.

The wristbands have also done amazingly well. With Toys R Us requesting more bands and Asda nearly selling out. All of the money going straight to Naomi House  for the Kilimanjaro Trek. Once we’ve collected all the donation pots, we will announce a total of how much the wristbands have made.

We would like to continue thanking each and every one of you for supporting the SpiderDad Fundraising Campaign. Just over a month into the campaign and we are doing amazingly well. Its all down to YOU for contributing. Please keep sharing the cause and help us raise as much money as possible for Naomi House. If you would like to donate, there are a few options to chose from.

Thanks for all you support for the SpiderDad Fundraising Campaign.

TEXT Donation Available for Hope From Jayden

Included within the Hope From Jayden fundraising campaign, is the SpiderDad Text Donation service offered by Just Giving. This allows the person donating to control how much they donate and also without needing to physically part with money. It simply gets added onto you phone bill.

SpiderDad Text Donation, spiderman

How to TEXT Donated to the SpiderDad Text Donation Service?

The process is very simple. Using any mobile phone or smart phone device, TEXT the code, “HFJA99 £”then amount” to 70070. As soon as you have sent the text you will receive a text message back, telling you your donation have been received. There will also be a website link, giving you the  option to add gift aid. If you are a UK Tax payer, please consider completing this option as the government will give us 25% extra from your donation.


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