Hope For Jayden

Hope for Jayden – a Father’s Story

In August 2013, the Hope For Jayden journey began. Our gorgeous son Jayden, was diagnosed with a condition, which no parent ever expects, especially at five years of age. Better-known in the medical industry as a Grade 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme brain tumour. At the time he was four yrs old. The consultants broke the news to my wife and I, after completing a biopsy and MRI Scan, confirming the condition. We discovered the mass in Jayden’s brain, two days earlier, when Jayden fell down from a spinning roundabout at a local children’s play ground. He became very unsteady on his feet therefore we demanded an ambulance as soon as possible.

Hope For Jayden, Spiderman BearJayden was quickly taken to hospital, where he was given a head scan, revealing a “mass” in his brain. Once the doctors had this info, they rushed him to Southampton General Children’s Hospital where they commenced the MRI Scan.

As parents we could not believe our baby boy had such a severe condition. We queried the doctors if they were certain of what they discovered. In our heads, this was not happening. Questions were running through our heads, questioning how this happened, how come this was happening. So I ask the fearful question… was his condition terminal?

When they said yes, we both collapsed. For a long time we could not believe this was happening, however we always stated from the beginning that while we are in front of Jayden, we would keep going as normal, and above all prepare the time he have left with our son, to be the most enjoyable, making un-forgettable memories as a family.

Days after the news, I felt the need to begin a Facebook Page named Hope For Jayden (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hope-For-Jayden/211736845617084?), with the view of broadcasting the news of what our youngster was going through, to create awareness of his story and reveal this could effect anybody. We needed to reach out to the public for support and advice about how we could get through this.

Hope For Jayden Facebook page received hundreds of likes in twenty four hours. After a couple of days the page had over 2 thousand like, and a few days after that the page was over ten thousand followers. We were astonished at how Jayden’s story had gone viral throughout the UK. After a few days, the Hope For Jayden page had reach people across the world. As far as Australia and America. Random people offering support and advice. It was overwhelming, and really moving to know we weren’t alone.


Hope For Jayden

After three long weeks of radiation therapy, our goal was to make as many unforgettable memories as a family. Many charitable people in the community were prepared to fund-raise on behalf of Hope For Jayden, helping to make every moment in Jayden’s life as awesome as possible. Enough money was raised to travel to Disneyland, Florida; we also took Jayden on a helicopter ride, and managed many incredible things. Our local community and people around the world are fantastic. Supporting Hope For Jayden, demonstrating how people do care, and would like to aid some other families in need.

We created some awesome memories, but Jayden then started to deteriorate, and we simply couldn’t accept the idea that this was going to be it for our son. So I decided to inquire online about natural practices of medicine and dietetic cures for cancers and tumor’s. Posting on the Hope For Jayden page asking for as much advice as possible.

We were contacted by hundreds of people, recommending to juice fruits and vegetables, to become vegan, and finally Cannabis oil. So we thought to ourselves, if we could provide a great deal of natural goodness into Jayden’s body, then we would be giving him the best chance possible to battle this, and hopefully keep the symptoms at bay without the need for drugs. The nutritional approach helped so much by giving him energy and building up his immune system.

During this time, the Hope For Jayden page continued receiving hundreds of messages assuring us to research Cannabis oil. Straightaway like any parent, we thought it’s madness to give your child a drug which is considered wrong by the authorities. But after reading more bout the oil on Facebook groups, as well as being recommended highly from man people around the world. We couldn’t ignore it any longer, so we decided to research it ourselves. We found many reliable sources showcasing the incredible benefits the oil had when used for medicinal purposes. Many people mistaken the oil because of it recreational stigma that’s attached to it. But when its used in it natural oil form it brings so much relief and benefit to these conditions.

Hope For Jayden – The Road to Recovery

During Jayden’s time in the hospital, he could not speak, walk, and was really weak from being starved by the hospital. Due to waiting for an MRI Time slot to become available. He seemed lifeless. The surgeons declared there would only be a 5% chance of any improvement once the fluid was drained; the primary tumor expanding in size was the reason his symptoms were advancing more rapidly.

The operation to drain the fluid was scheduled on the same day we were to collect the Cannabis Oil, which was prescribed in drop form by The Dove Clinic in Hampshire, and so we hurried to acquire the oil, so we could give his first dose as soon as possible. Well, after the operation, we gave Jayden his first drops, after which he did not stop eating for two hours, because he had been starved prior to the procedure for so long. Already we began seeing improvements in his speech and general coordination. We were so pleased he was improving and acknowledged the decisions we made were the correct ones. At this point we were not sure if the drainage of fluid was helping or if it was the Cannabis oil setting in. After finding out all the information about the oil, we felt it was likely to be a combination of both.

Since consuming his first drops, Jayden is slowly improved, and after not being capable of walking the right way for a couple of weeks, he took his first few steps, with confidence and with minimum wobbling. Simple things like Jayden smiling once again, showed us his physical self was improved dramatically. Slowly going back to his cheeky little self once again. It’s our hope that once we have reached the maximum daily dosage, Jayden will improve even more. We thank everyone, for supporting the Hope For Jayden journey.

Unfortunately, on Christmas Eve 2014, Jayden lost his 18 month battle, surrounded by the people he loved warm in his bed.