The Story of SpiderDad

Hire SpiderDad, the ultimate Spiderman entertainer for your children’s birthday party or event

SpiderDad was created by myself, Mike Wilson. With a passion for film and all things action, I decided over 12 months ago to help make our son’s dream come true, by replicating his most favorite superhero, Spider-Man. Jayden was a huge fan of the famous web shooter, having watch hundreds of Animated TV shows, as well all the films. Unfortunately, in 2013, Jayden was diagnosed with a terminal Grade 4 Brain Stem Tumor and given 12 months to live. A devastating thing for any parent. We very quickly decided to create as many incredible memories as possible with the time that we had left with our son. The local community were amazing with so many people wishing to support our family, in our journey to making these memories come true. Details can be found on the Hope For Jayden Facebook Page. This is how SpiderDad evolved, the ultimate Spiderman entertainer, as I wanted his hero to drop in on his birthday.

SpiderDad, Spiderman, Cancer, Dad Surprises Son, Amazing SpiderDad, Terminal Brain TumorFor me, it was about making his dreams become reality. But not as some random guy in a costume, bought from Ebay or Amazon. But to look and move as real to the character as possible. As a person who works in TV, Film and Live Show business, its the small details that make a huge difference. This will be a memory I will hold on to forever knowing he truly believed his hero was there at his 5th Birthday party.

“Sometimes, Real Superheros live in the hearts of Small Children, Fighting Big Battles”

SpiderdadSince, I have been fundraising in his memory. The Hope From Jayden Campaign has raised over £40,000 so far for Naomi House Children’s Hospital, where Jayden spent some time during treatment and for family support. Using the SpiderDad figure, I will continue to raise awareness and funds for the charity all in his honor, to keep his legacy alive. Today i have evolved the costume to look even more like the suit in The Amazing Spiderman 2 film and I can now become the ultimate Spiderman entertainer for your children’s birthday party or event in Basingstoke, Hampshire or throughout the UK.